Friday, May 22, 2009

DJ Secrets Revealed -- A Review

Have you ever watched the really great DJs?
Amazing what they can do, isn’t it? You’ve probably, like many of us, wished you could be that good, in the back of your mind thinking, “no way.” Well, after you see this really well put together product, you’ll have little doubt, if any, that you can become a top notch DJ. But let me start off by saying this.

If you are planning on getting DJ Secrets Revealed and not put any work into this, don’t waste your time. The techniques and tricks are not going to just happen through osmosis. So unless you’re going to be serious about this, save your money. I’m be very honest about this. This isn’t a push button solution to your problem. Like anything else, it WILL take practice.

Having said that, this course is flat out solid. There are almost 7 hours of videos to go through. I kid you not. You’d think there wasn’t that much to teach, but wait until you start getting into this stuff. Just the videos on scratching alone will blow your mind.

This product covers everything from what equipment to buy (which is critical) to how to use it. That’s another thing. If you’re planning on doing this on the cheap (buying the crappiest equipment you can find) forget about it. Save your money. This product was put together for serious dudes only.

You’ll learn all the basic things like the basic scratch that all other scratches are derived from, how to mix two songs together, how to mix two songs beginning with two copies of the same record, how to beat juggle, and so much more. And some of this stuff is really so easy, you can learn a technique in as little as 10 minutes.

And the creator goes over how to get the most out of your equipment, which is really what this all comes down to. He even goes over how to balance the tone arm of your turntable. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is left out. Essentially all of his many years of experience have gone into making this.

Here is the site where you can check out this amazing offer.

DJ Secrets Revealed

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