Sunday, May 24, 2009

DJ Secrets Revealed -- Some Tips

“Some Tips For Learning How To DJ”

So, you want to be a DJ? Welcome to a very elite club of individuals. Nobody understands a DJ like another DJ. We have our own lingo and way of expressing ourselves. Having said that, we’re not against picking up a few tips and pointers that will help us along the way. In this article, I’m going to share a few of those pointers that you might want to take to heart.

At the very top of my list is what I call “be prepared.” This doesn’t just mean to have all the equipment that you need. It means to have backups, just in case. For example, when you go out on a gig, make sure you carry a spare turntable with you. How come? What happens if the only one you have goes south on you? Then what? Always hope for the best and expert the worst. That way, if something DOES go wrong, you’ll be prepared for it.

As far as the actual gig itself, there are tons of tips I could give but this one is probably the most important…keep them dancing. You DON’T want to have any period of silence whatsoever. Naturally, in order to do this, you need to have everything planned in advance. There is no time for thinking in between songs. If you get requests, comply with them ONLY if doing so isn’t going to interfere with your set. Nobody is going to expect you to have every song in creation, though a good sized collection is not too bad an idea.

Finally, don’t destroy your sound system. I understand that the music has to be loud, but you don’t want to play things at a level that blows every speaker in your setup. Having to fill the night with silence is not a very good idea. So pick a level that is going to get the job done without turning the event into a nightmare. I’ll leave the level itself up to YOUR discretion. I trust that you’ll know just how loud to make things.

There is a fine art to being a DJ. It isn’t just about playing records and scratches. It’s about bring a living essence to the evening. You want to keep things moving and make people feel the energy. You want them to go home, ultimately having had a good time. That’s the bottom line.

Here, you’ll find a great resource that will turn you into a killer DJ in record time.

DJ Secrets Revealed

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